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Dispositivo AIS per la localizzazione di Dispersi in Mare

Il nuovo Nautilus Lifeline e’ un dispositivo molto compatto che sfrutta le frequenze radio VHF e la tecnoligia Ais insieme ad un GPS per inviare a tutte le imbarcazioni
dotate di ricevitore AIS un segnale di soccorso per Uomo In Mare.
Questa tecnologia permette di coprire una distanza di 34 Miglia per poter essere individuati e portati in salvo in tempi molto rapidi.

Caratteristiche Principali Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS:

  • Dimensioni Compatte per poterlo tenere sempre con se.
  • Tecnologia Ais/Dsc per il massimo della sicurezza
  • Nessuna procedura di registrazione o licenza
  • Batteria sostituibile dall’utente
  • Durata della batteria 5 anni (se non utilizzato)
  • Stagno fino a 132 Metri
  • Trasmette la posizione esatta fino a 34 Miglia
  • Galleggiante (assetto positivo)

Dati Tecnici Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS:

  • Potenza di trasmissione AIS 1watt
  • Frequenze AIS 161.975 e 162.025 Mhz
  • Potenza di trasmissione DSC 0,5 watt
  • Frequenza DSC 156.525 Mhz
  • Temperatura di esercizio -25åÁ +55åÁ C
  • Stagno fino a 130Mt sotto il livello del mare
  • Dimensioni 75x97x39 mm
  • Peso 131Gr incluse le batterie

Le batterie non sono incluse. utilizza batterie al Litio CR123A acquistabili separatamente

The Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS is a compact personal locater beacon, PLB, that will lead AIS equipped ships directly to you if you’re lost at sea. Waterproof to 130m you can take it diving and if you surface and can’t find your boat just open it up, push the red button and the beacon will broadcast your location to vessels fitted with AIS up to 34 miles away.


If you’re caught by a current or separated from your boat you can be hard to find in the water even with a SMB but with the push of a button the Marine Rescue will lead AIS equipped ships directly to you with an accuracy of 1.5m.

Waterproof to 130m you can take it diving with you and deploy it on the surface if you need to. While simple to activate it won’t be activated accidentally and all you need to do is maintain one O-Ring and change the batteries once every 5 year depending on your choice of battery.

When you need help flip the top open, press the blue button to turn the unit on, pull off a cover to release the antenna and red button and hold down the red button for 5 seconds to activate.

You can also test the unit safely by holding the orange button to check battery life and GPS function.


The Marine Rescue can transmit both AIS and DSC but with a downloadable app you can set your unit to Canada, Europe, USA and International regions to transmit the correct signals.


Half The Size of the original Nautilus
AIS/DSC Technology
No MMSI, Licences & Registration
5 Year Battery Life* (User-replaceable batteries)
Diver Depth Rated To 425 feet (with cap closed)
It Floats! Positively Buoyant
* Batteries not included – Recommended CR123 3V (1550 mAh) batteries


AIS Transmit Power: 1 Watt

AIS Frequency: 161.975 and 162.025 MHz

DSC Transmit Power: 0.5 Watt

DSC Frequency: 156.525 MHz

Messages: Individual Distress Relay, Distress Alert

Environmental Temperature Range: -20°C ~ +55°C

Waterproof Depth: 425 feet (130 meter) sea water with dive cap closed, Splashproof with dive cap open

Dimensions: 75 x 97 x 39mm

Weight: 131 g after inserting two batteries

Colour : Clear-Orange

This radio device is designed to only provide an effective alerting and locating capability in close proximity to a vessel. This radio beacon is NOT an EPIRB.